Nov 12

SJ and I are both on a roll. She crossed 14000 today while I reached the halfway 25000. I am a little unsure that I have 25000 words left in my story as I have just wrapped up the first three majour sections of the book and only have one more. But there should be more than enough episodes in that section to carry me through November. If not, I have a fallback of writing the story in parallel in the viewpoint of another one of the characters. Either way, this is becoming very real.


November 11

Whoa. A week without blog updates. We have been focusing on writing. By Day 6, SJ had met her goal for the month of 10,000 words. Woohoo. She has kept writing and upped her goal to 15000 words. Not too shabby for the first time for a teenager.
I keep plugging along and passed 20000 words last night. Here are our tired reflections after our morning word war this morning.

Nov 4

Daylight savings time. We were both up at 5ish instead of 6. Started our write a little after six. I found the going slow but steady today. I only got 760 words in the hour. SJ finished her daily word goal in about 25 minutes and wandered off… Heave, Ho. Just another day in the word mines.

November 3

Woke up a little before 6, found out that it was 5 with the time change. Spent an hour drinking tea and wandering through the intertubes.
Listening to this great tribute album that Scott Cooper’s friends made for his 40th birthday. I wish his wife had contacted me. I have a Scott Cooper cover of Don’t Turn Around somewhere.

5:59 (second time around) TIME TO WRITE (Starting Wordcount- 4246)
7:40 Wordcount: 4914. SJ just rolled out of bed after a good sleep-in. Tea and yesterdays bannock and cheese go down good. It is sure nice to see the sun out this early.

8:10 Sean 182 Sarah 278
9:30 Sean It’s a beautiful day out there. I better get out and do some yardwork. Wordcount today: 1248. And I finally have my character at the main setting of the story.

roller coaster

6:05 am,  Sat down at computer.

7:08 am:  Word count today 0.  TIME to WRITE!

7:25 Cracked the first 100 words.  Only took an hour and a half.

7:47:  379 words.  SJ awoke and wandered in.  She said that our theme song should be Procrastination- The Musical.  Agreed.

8:05  Bannock in the oven.  Sean: 379 words. SJ. 0 words.  Listening to AV bytes musicals.

8:11 15 min Word WAR! See you on the other side.  Sean: 412  words. SJ. 0 words.

8:27 Sean: 742-  330 words. Sarah 186 words.    Sean wins a word war finally . Bannock Break. Listening to the Wanted: Word of Mouth Album Preview

8:54  Ate breakfast, Backed up files fell down internet hole.  Time For a WORD WAR

Sean:  742: 1045=  303 (today)  SJ 3981: 4320 = 439  (total)

9:32 Sean 3247 125 SJ 4585: 265

Listening to: Maroon5 Live at Columbiahalle on 2004-10-21

10:05:  Sean 3538 SJ 4946

SJ and I have to head out to do some yard work.  We need to get stuff moved around in the sheds for winter.  Today’s wordcounts so Far.  Sean  1,421 SJ 1262


I found this lovely  NaNoWriMo Word Count Goals chart which lays out daily cumulative totals for 1667 words a day.  I also was intrigued by NaNoWriMo Math – 5 Word Count Strategies to Hit 50,000.


1 1667 11 18337 21 35007
2 3334 12 20004 22 3667
3 5001 13 21671 23 38341
4 6668 14 23338 24 40008
5 8335 15 25005 25 41675
6 10002 16 26672 26 43342
7 11669 17 28339 27 45009
8 13336 18 30006 28 46676
9 15003 19 31673 29 48343
10 16670 20 33340 30 50000 +







November 1

It’s 6am.  SJ and I are set up in our little office.  Tea is being made.  Now for the first hard transition.  Time to get down to “WRITING”.

Both of us are at our computers, looking at ‘just one more email’ and just one more webpage.  Here is the first hard part of nano.   IT’s time to WRITE.   ‘What am a doing blogging then.’  B4N- 6:11

15 min word war starting 6:22:  Sean 131 Words.  SJ 253

6:37 2 min stop for tea.

6:41 Word war #2 20 min Begins.  SJ start count 303:646 = 343 Sean Start Count 131: 418 = 287

8:15- snuck in another 300 words– Word count 730


SJ 1969 words (Wowza– She passed her goal of 333 words and her DORG (Day One Ridiculous Goal) of 1667.

Sean:  2117 words.  Ouch.  I hope my words per hour pace picks up.  It took about 3-1/2 hours to get this in.





Oct 31– And here we go

chequered flag iconToday I started set up automatic backups to my google drive in Scrivener. I also started my master scrivener file and worked on writing synopses for the first several chapters. Now that November has arrived I feel more like a pantser than a planner. I did take time to plan in October, but it was more in dreaming about my story and preparing ‘for’ nanowrimo than actually working on the preparatory stages of writing a novel. Oh well. Into the breach. One thing I’ve learned from FAWM about my creative process is that if I wait for the ‘right time’ to tackle a creative project, I will never start. I am very much a Jump in and peel the bandaid off as quickly as possible kind of guy. Sure it hurts like anything, but only for a short period of time and you get the job done. On that note, see you on the flipside. I’m likely only going to post wordcounts and very brief reflections here. I want to save the wordcount for my novel.

Oct 30 T minus 2

I woke up with my mind abuzz with Nano Last Minute Prep Ideas.

  1. Last night SJ and I worked on our homework on separate computers in the spare room.  Today I brought a second desk in the room to allow her (or another family member) to work in proximity with us in the room.  I think we will writing together to be a motivation, although it my also present distractions.  *SJ told me that she would prefer to work on her laptop sitting on the bed in the spare room/office, but I brought a desk up anyway.
  2. I know that on the hard days I will need a barrier free setup to writing so I’m doing several things to achieve a quick transition from– “I should be writing” to “actually writing words towards my goal”.
  • I need to set up my novel file in scrivener, start blocking out some blank chapters and having some of the housework and organizational things set.
  •  I need to see if I can get scrivener to automagically export  a working document of my novel to dropbox or google docs several times a day.
  • I will leave scrivener open and ready to write when I put my computer to sleep at night so I just need to awaken it from suspend and start typing. (This will be important because I have blocked out 6ish to 7:30m  for my main writing time).
  • I bought a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet so I can easily write with it wherever I am.
  • I also set up a special schmancy paper writing folio that I can write in longhand if all tech fails me.

Goals:  My daily writing goal is the same as any wrimo 1667 words spread out over 30 days to achieve fifty THOUSAND words.  I am going to try for 2000 a day to give me some buffer.

SJ has set her goal at 10,000 words or 333 words a day.  She thinks this may be on the low side so I challenged her to a DORG (Day One Ridiculous Goal) of 1667 words on November 1.   This will help give us  baseline of what she can reasonably write in a day.



October 29- T Minus 3 days and Counting

TimeForTheFair-CoverThis evening I entered my novel idea into my NanoWrimo page, mocked up a title and cover for my book-  working title: Time for the Fair.   Here is the synopsis I posted.


This summer I entered a contest to become one of 10 official CNE bloggers. I was successful and my family spent over a week enjoying all that the Canadian National Exhibition has to offer. My daughter and I also went to our first FanExpo dressed as Dr. Who characters. In late September, my daughter gave me a challenge I could not refuse- “If you do Nanowrimo, I will do Nanowrimo”.

My novel idea is sort of a combination of all the good times we had together this summer. It is about a boy (Billy) who goes to the CNE and finds himself travelling through the history of the fair and unable to get back to his home timeline. The one sentence pitch “It’s a time travel story that take place mostly on the grounds of the EX”.

It’s my first time attempting to tell a novel-length story. I am drawing from all sorts of other time travel stories including The Oddyssey, Back to the Future, Dr. Who, Bill and Ted, a couple of Lewis Shiner’s books, Forrest Gump and more.


It’s either TBA or trapped in time and space.


I also helped SJ set up a wordcount widget from Sarra’s Word Meter, and we recorded a short pre nanowrimo vlog.  We may do this again in November.

I have also added all sorts of inspirational stuff and widgets to the blog including the daily NanoToon by Errol and Mur Lafferty’s daily special Nanowrimo, I Should Be Writing Podcasts.



Youtube Nanowrimo Inspiration

The other night I watched the wonderful, cheesy NaNoMusical:  A Musical about NaNoWriMo, co-written by the oft-mentioned Errol of Debs and Errol.

Here it is:

For a more serious bit of Nano inspiration, here is a speech by Nanowrimo founder Chris Baty: