Nov 23 na-NO-wrimo Wreport

Time for the Fair Cover

Right after I recorded our November 1 vidcast saying I was in for Nanowrimo, I decided to pass on Nanowrimo this year in order to get my last year’s novel into the world as a podcast novel. Today I released Episode 1 of the Time for the Fair Podcast. I will be releaseing a half hour (ish) episode weekly for the next five months or so. I am also considering using bandcamp to sell full versions of the audiobook, as well as ebook versions. Stay tuned for more about that. You can subscribe to it at

SJ has been keeping on track with her Nanowrimo story. She has been posting regular unedited chapters on her Wattpad account as she has been writing them. Talk about flying without a net. Tomorrow night, she is the featured artist at the monthly HUB for Arts and Culture gathering at the Midland Cultural Centre from 5pm to 7pm.

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